Ten Special Committees of the 13th NPC: Member List and Bios

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The 13th NPC has set up ten special committees. The list of members was revealed on March 20.

Special Committees

Finance and Economics Committee 财政经济委员会
Supervision and Judicial Affairs Committee 监察和司法委员会
Constitution and Law Committee 宪法和法律委员会
Foreign Affairs Committee 外事委员会主任
Committee on Education, Science, Culture, and Health 教育科学文化卫生委员会
Ethnic Affairs Committee 民族委员会
Overseas Chinese Committee 华侨委员会
Committee on Environmental and Resource Protection 环境与资源保护委员会
Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs 农业与农村委员会
Committee on Society Building
(also translated as Committee on Social Construction)

I gather the members’ titles from media reports. Please note that the members may take on new roles after the NPC session concluded on March 20.

Member Bios, Constitution and Law Committee

LI Fei 李飞 Vice Chair, NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee
Vice Chairs (7)
SHEN Chunyao 沈春耀 Chair, NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee
JIANG Bixin 江必新 Deputy Party Secretary, Vice President, and Judge, SPC
CONG Bin 丛斌 Deputy Chairman, Jiusan Society Central Committee (one of the democratic parties)
XU Hui 徐辉 Deputy Chairman, China Democratic League (one’s of the democratic parties)
HU Keming 胡可明 Deputy Director, SCLAO
LIU Jixing 刘季幸 Party Secretary and President, PLA Military Court
ZHOU Guangquan 周光权 Professor of Criminal Law, Tsinghua University
Members (11, in no particular order)
YU Zhigang 于志刚 Vice President and Professor of Criminal Law, China University of Political Science and Law
WANG Junfeng 王俊峰 Founder of King & Wood, President and Deputy Party Secretary of All China Lawyers Association
YAN Aoshuang (female) 闫傲霜(女) Deputy Director, Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress
XU Anbiao 许安标 Deputy Director, NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee
SUN Xianzhong 孙宪忠 Deputy Director, Civil Law Research Office, CASS
WU Hao 吴浩 Director, SCLAO Department of Politics, Law, Defense and Legal Affairs
ZHANG Rongshun 张荣顺 Deputy Director, NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee
ZHANG Yong 张勇 Deputy Director, NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee
ZHENG Shu’na (female) 郑淑娜(女) Deputy Director, NPCSC Legislative Affairs Committee
ZHONG Zhiming 钟志明 Member, Committee of Experts, Central Military Commission’s Leading Group for Reform
CHAI Shaoliang 柴绍良 ​​ Deputy Political Commissar, PLA General Equipment Department

The Constitution and Law Committee reviewed the draft Supervision Law during the NPC.

Member Bios, Supervision and Judicial Affairs Committee

WU Yuliang 吴玉良 Deputy Party Secretary, CCDI
Vice Chairs (9)
WANG Jiaocheng 王教成 Southern Theater Commander, PLA
ZHANG Sujun 张苏军 Party Member and Vice President, China Law Society
WANG Shengming 王胜明 Vice Chair, NPC Internal Affairs Committee
XU Xianming 徐显明 Deputy Procurator-General, SPP
HAN Xiaowu 韩晓武 Deputy Secretary-General, NPC Standing Committee
LI Yuefeng 李钺锋 Deputy Procurator-General, Chongqing Municipal People's Procuratorate; Executive Vice Chairman, Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (one of the democratic parties)
LI Wei 李伟 ? [multiple matches for this name]
LIU Haixing 刘海星 Assistant Minister, MOFA
GAO Youdong 高友东 Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, China Association for Promoting Democracy (one of the democratic parties)
Members (10, in no particular order)
WANG Changhe 王长河 Party Secretary, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Armed Police Forces
WANG Feng 王峰 ? [multiple matches for this name]
YE Zanping 叶赞平 Executive Member, Central Committee, RCCK (one of the democratic parties)
ZHU Hailun 朱海仑 Deputy Party Secretary, Xinjiang; Party Secretary, Xinjiang Political and Legal Affairs Commission
LIU Depei 刘德培 ? [multiple matches for this name]
QI Yu 齐玉 Deputy Director, Organization Department, CCP Central Committee
ZHANG Lijun 张立军 Director, CCDI's Discipline Inspection Group stationed at the NPC
CHEN Yong 陈勇 ? [multiple matches for this name]
HAN Liping 韩立平 Deputy Director and Secretary-General, CCP Central Committee
XIAN Tieke 鲜铁可 Director, Second Division, SPP Public Prosecution Office

Member Bios, Foreign Affairs Committee

ZHANG Yesui 张业遂 Party Secretary and Vice Minister, MOFA
Vice Chairs (9)
FU Ying (female, ethnic minority) 傅莹(女,蒙古族) Chair, NPC Foreign Affairs Committee
SUN Jianguo 孙建国 Deputy Chief of Staff, Joint Staff of the CCP Central Military Commission
ZHANG Zhijun 张志军 Director, Taiwan Affairs Office, CCP Central Committee; Director, Taiwan Affairs Office, State Council
LU Peijun 鲁培军 Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director, General Administration of Customs
CHEN Fengxiang 陈凤翔 Deputy Director, Foreign Liaison Department, CCP Central Committee
LIN Jianhua 林建华 President and Deputy Party Secretary, Peking University
XU Ke (female) 徐科(女) Party Secretary and Executive Vice President, Red Cross Society of China
ZHANG Bojun 张伯军 Vice Chairman, Central Committee, RCCK (one of the democratic parties)
CHEN Guomin 陈国民 Deputy Secretary-General, NPCSC; Director, Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee, NPCSC
Members (11, in no particular order)
WANG Wei 王巍 ? [multiple matches for this name]
SHI Xiangyuan 石香元 (Retired) Deputy Commander, Chengdu Military Region
LIU Jian 刘健 Member, Politics Commission, Lanzhou Military Region (title as of 2014)
XU Lirong 许立荣 Chairman of the Board and Party Secretary, China Cosco Shipping Group
LI Yihu 李义虎 Professor, School of International Relations and Taiwan Studies Institute, Peking University
HE Fusheng 何福胜 Deputy Director, Beijing Municipal Committee, RCCK (one of the democratic parties); Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University
CHEN Jin 陈晋 Deputy Director, Literature Research Office, CCP Central Committee
CHEN Fuli 陈福利 Director, Treaty Law Department, MofCom
LUO Yan (female) 罗艳(女) Chairman of the Board and General Manager, China CAMC Engineering
ZHOU Hong (female) 周弘(女) Director, Europe Studies Institute, CASS
XIA Weidong 夏伟东 Deputy Director, Civilization Office, CCP Central Committee; Deputy Secretary-General, CCP Propaganda/Publicity Department


Acronym Organization
CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
CCDI Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
CCP Chinese Communist Party
MOFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MofCom Ministry of Commerce
NPCSC National People’s Congress Standing Committee
PLA People’s Liberation Army
RCCK Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (one of the democratic parties)
SCLAO State Council Legislative Affairs Office
SPC Supreme People’s Court
SPP Supreme People's Procuratorate

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